Gorgeous Skin In 30 Days
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Gorgeous Skin In 30 Days Book
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About The Book
Gorgeous Skin In 30 Days Book
Finally there is a quick, easy and comprehensive program to help you achieve healthy, vibrant and youthful skin in 30 days! This revolutionary nutritional program is supported by the most up to date clinical research and exposes all the beauty myths of our time. The 30-day Gorgeous Skin program is an all-inclusive nutrition and lifestyle plan. It is packed with detailed information on all the latest antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and supplements to slow down the ageing process and to improve the texture, tone and health of your skin. It also includes valuable lifestyle management tools and relaxation techniques to help you maintain lifelong health, beauty and vitality.

The program includes:

A safe three-day cleansing and detoxification plan to rid the body of toxins, eradicate blemishes, reduce fine lines and create an even skin tone.

All the current information on skin superfoods and nutritional supplements for anti-ageing and wrinkle fighting to enhance repair and regeneration of your skin cells, subdue inflammation and boost collagen production.

Hundreds of delicious new recipes, facts and healthy skin tips as part of a complete program for natural health and beauty.

How to identify and use the skin protectors to reverse or slow the ageing process and to avoid harmful food, lifestyle and environmental factors that accelerate ageing.

A 28-day beautiful skin plan for the bride-to-be or anyone who wants to prepare for a special occasion.



Why We Should Love Our Skin

Chapter 1
Three Steps to Gorgeous Skin

Step One - Eat yourself gorgeous
Step Two - Add some beauty boosters
Step Three – Get some lifestyle protection

Chapter Two
The Basics: Building Beauty from Within

Resist the cosmeceutical con
Nutrients: your most powerful beauty tools

Chapter Three
Superfoods: How To Turbo-charge Your Beauty

The best beauty foods of all

Chapter Four

Nutritional supplements: Maximising Skin Rejuvenation

The skin supplements
Beautifying vitamins and minerals
Pro-beauty probiotics

Chapter Five
The Protectors: Three Keys To Slow The Ageing Clock


Chapter Six
Food and lifestyle sins: The Absolute Skin No-no’s

Chapter Seven
Detoxification: Purifying Your Body and Skin

Three-day detox program

Chapter Eight
The 30-Day Countdown: The Gorgeous Skin Program

30-day program
Recommended food and supplement lists

Chapter Nine
Gorgeous Skin For a Special Occasion: Reasons to Glow

Bride-to-be Gorgeous Skin plan

Chapter Ten
Recipes for Gorgeous Skin



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What People Are Saying About The Book

‘Beauty is more than skin deep…
We all know our skin bears the brunt of environmental exposure, but what many don’t realize is that the appearance of your skin is also an accurate reflection of your inner health. Unfortunately, we live in a society that conditions us to rely on pharmaceuticals and expensive cosmetics to disguise visible signs of ageing. In this book, Erica has provided you with sensible, easy-to-follow information that will help you to care for your health and appearance from the inside out. The good news is that it is never to late (or too early) to start taking care of your body. If you’re looking tired and unwell, there’s a very distinct chance that you are!’

Donna Aston, celebrity health and fitness trainer, author of Fat or Fiction, Body Business, Stayin’ Alive, Look Good Naked and Losing It.

‘With Gorgeous Skin in 30 Days Erica Angyal not only lays out the vital principals for healthy skin and a balanced lifestyle, but her safe detoxification plan and well researched nutritional program offer you natural and effective solutions for a healthier life in an increasingly toxic world.’

Dr Sandra Cabot, author of the Liver Cleansing Diet, Boost Your Energy, Body Shaping Diet, and The Healthy Liver and Bowel Book

‘Gorgeous Skin in 30 days compellingly shows how the typical Western Diet promotes disease and accelerated aging of the skin. In a scientifically accurate and easy to understand manner, Erica Angyal lays out the basic plan for good health and beautiful skin - a plan that mimics many features of the ancestral and native human diet.’
Loren Cordain, Ph.D. author of The Paleo Diet

‘As a natural medicine practitioner specialising in clinical nutrition, I became aware of the importance of the appearance of the skin not only as a diagnostic tool but as a yardstick to measure progress.  
The importance and essential connection between what we eat and how that reflects in the health and appearance of our skin has been largely ignored till now. Eloquently written and accurately researched, Erica Angyal's Gorgeous Skin in 30 Days captures the essence of that connection.’

Jayne Edmondson
Natural Medicine Practitioner
Pro Health Clinic (Sydney)

‘Erica Angyal’s program achieves results in such a way I’ve never seen from any beauty or diet book before. Many of the finalists at Miss Universe enter the competition with eating disorders, or they are too thin or overweight. After working with Erica on their diet and lifestyle only for a month, the transformation of their skin and bodies has been truly amazing.  I highly recommend “Gorgeous Skin in 30 days”, it is a must for every woman’s beauty library.’

Inés Ligron, National Director Miss Universe Japan
Miss Universe L,P.,LLLp
A Donald J. Trump & NBC Partnership

‘A blueprint for gorgeous skin, Erica Angyal provides timeless insights for creating younger looking skin using the inside out approach. A must read for anyone who wants to keep the ageing process at bay.’

Tracy McWilliams, media personality and author of Dress to Express: Seven Secrets to Overcoming Closet Trauma and Revealing Your Inner Beauty

‘Erica Angyal makes it easy for anyone to understand how to have gorgeous skin--and she makes the point it is more lasting when done from the inside out; Changing the outside without the inside is no more enduring or functional than painting a 30 year old car that doesn't have a motor.  May Look great, but not move enough to satisfy. Those really interested in vital skin will find this book compelling and entertaining.’   

Dr Mike Roizen, author of NY Times #1 Bestsellers "RealAge: Are You As Young As You Can Be?" and "YOU: The Owner's Manual"

‘Your skin is the window into the health and wellness of your body. You can't have great looking skin without a healthy body. Erica gives you the secrets of beauty from within. If you follow her dietary and lifestyle recommendations, your skin will show the difference within 30 days.’

Dr Barry Sears
Author of The Zone

‘Our skin is the body's largest organ.
It is literally everywhere .... and yet the amount of time we set aside to pay attention to this vital part of the magnificent machine that is the human body? Sometimes nil, sometimes a fleeting moment here and there. I am delighted to endorse Erica Angyal's book 'Gorgeous Skin in 30 Days' - the information is invaluable.’

Dr John Tickell
Author of The Great Australian Diet

‘Our landmark study, published in 2001, which demonstrated that food and beverage intake could account for a significant part of skin wrinkling with age, has implications for general health as well. It is gratifying to know that promoters of public health, like Erica Angyal, in “Gorgeous Skin in 30 Days” have taken up these concepts. In reality, however, food behaviours require a life-time of commitment, but not without the pleasure of food.’

Professor Mark L. Wahlqvist
Director, Asia Pacific Health & Nutrition Centre
Monash University, Melbourne