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About Erica

(Allen & Unwin)


Sunrise (Australia)
Channel 7
October 4th 2005


Asia Spa Magazine
Jan / Feb 2009

Elements magazine
Summer 2008 / 2009

The secret lessons of becoming the world’s most beautiful woman (Japan)
Ines Ligron, 2008

Metropolis (Japan)
March 2007

Vogue (Australia)
December 2006

Cosmopolitan Hair & Beauty (Australia)
Quarterly Magazine
June, July, August 2006

real living (Australia)
June 2006

Nature & Health (Australia)
April/May 2006

Cleo (Australia)
February 2006

Woman's Day (Australia)
February 13th 2006

Sunday Magazine (Australia)
February 5th 2006
'Expat Tales'
by Klaudyna Morawski

Women's Weekly (Australia)
February 2006
'The Great Skin Diet'
by Helen Hawkes

Madison (Australia)
February 2006

Notebook (Australia)
February 2006
'Learn to Meditate'
by Nikki Goldstein

WOOLWORTHS good taste (Australia)
January 2006

VIEW Metropolis Magazine (Japan)
Issue #612 December 16 2005 PDF

VIEW GT Magazine (Australia)
December 10th, 2005 PDF
‘More Than Skin Deep’
by Mex Cooper

VIEW Herald Sun (Australia)
December 7th 2005 PDF 2
‘Facing Up To Instinct’
by Fay Burstin

VIEW Nine to Five Magazine (Australia)
November 28th, 2005 PDF

VIEW Herald Sun (Australia)
November 12th 2005 PDF 1
‘Skin-deep Health Plan’
by Fay Burstin

VIEW Who (Australia)
November 7th 2005 PDF
VIEW Newcastle Herald (Australia)
October 12th, 2005 PDF
‘More Than Skin Deep’ by Jenny Tarran

Ginza Magazine (Japan)
January 2005

VIEW Nature & Health (Australia)
Dec. 2004/Jan. 2005 PDF 1

Noblesse magazine (Korea)
September 2004


Wine Life & Style (Japan)
Spring 2006

Wine Life & Style (Japan)
Winter 2005/2006
'Smart Ways to Beat Winter Weight Gain'

Wine Life & Style (Japan)
Autumn 2005
'Twelve Top Natural Cold
and Flu Remedies'

Wine Life & Style (Japan)
Summer 2005
'Eat Right for Your Blood Type'

Wine Life & Style (Japan)
Spring 2005
'Seven Superfoods To Keep You Young'

From the sole, a new soul

The Japan Times
June 6th, 2006

A long life on the island

The Japan Times
May 2nd, 2006

Gonna make you sweat
Detoxing and relaxing in the same bath

The Japan Times

Jumping for soy:
Humble bean has fans, detractors

The Japan Times
December 6th, 2005

How Japan became Number 1: Best-selling book touts nation's traditional diet
The Japan Times
February 7th, 2006

10 Cold/Flu Remedies: Immunize yourself
the natural way

The Japan Times
January 3rd, 2006


“40 sai kara kirei” magazine
December 2008


Specialist interview
Miss Universe interview for Microsoft (MSN)

Fitness Japan (Japan)
Beyond skin-deep beauty and health

VISIT Nutrition lesson 1
by Erica Angyal for Evian Japan

VISIT Nutrition lesson 2 (Japan)
by Erica Angyal for Evian Japan

Recipe for Beauty - Basic
by Erica Angyal for Evian Japan

Recipe for Beauty - Advanced
by Erica Angyal for Evian Japan
Since Erica joined the Miss Universe Japan team in 2004 as the official nutritionist, Kurara Chibana, became the 1st runner up at the 2006 Miss Universe contest and Riyo Mori was crowned Miss Universe in 2007.


Erica with Miss Universe 2007 Riyo Mori in Mexico City

Fytte (Japan)
September 2007

Voce (Japan)
August 2007

Boao (Japan)
June 2007

Erica working with Kurara Chibana, 1st runner up Miss Universe 2006 in Los Angeles


LISTEN to Radio National (Australia)
Life Matters
Interview by Sarah Macdonald
September 29th 2005 MP3

Radio (Australia)

Radio 2UE Sydney –
September 22nd, 2005

ABC Radio National –
September 29th, 2005

Radio 2SER Sydney –
September 21st, 2005

Radio 2 Sydney + national network – October 5th, 2005

SBS Radio national –
September 22nd, 2005

Radio 927 Melbourne –
September 27th, 2005

ABC Radio 666 Canberra –
September 27th, 2005

Radio Adelaide –
September 21st, 2005

Radio 5AA Adelaide –
October 4th, 2005

ABC Radio 720 Perth –
September 14th, 2005

Radio Perth –
October 6th, 2005

ABC Radio Launceston/Northern
Tasmania – September 27th, 2005

Radio 7HO Hobart –
September 26th, 2005

ABC Radio 612 Brisbane –
September 29th, 2005

ABC Radio Capricornia Rockhampton – September 19th, 2005

Radio 4RO Rockhampton –
September 20th, 2005

Radio 4WK Toowoomba –
September 26th, 2005

Radio 4MK Mackay –
September 22nd, 2005

Radio 3TR Traralgon –
September 30th, 2005

Radio 1521 QN Deniliquin – September 20th, 2005

Radio 2GZ Orange –
September 20th, 2005

Radio 2NUR Newcastle –
September 28th, 2005

Radio 2TM Tamworth –
September 19th, 2005

Radio 2CS Coffs Harbour –
October 5th, 2005

Radio 2VM Moree –
September 28th, 2005

Radio 2BS Bathurst –
September 22nd, 2005

Radio 2MC Port Macquarie – September 18th, 2005

Radio 2GB Sydney –
October 2nd, 2005

Radio 5MU Murray Bridge – September 21st, 2005

Other audio

Qantas in-flight audio program November 2005 (Lifestyle channel)
Interview by Lisa Forrest